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[image]Combat lies on the internet about politics or any other subject. Dont Lie To Us !!!

Asking Price:$1500.00


Up Your Net . com

[image]More than one way to look at this great domain name
Think sattire, business, or internet services.

Asking Price:$600.00


PC Publish . com

[image]A terrific site for publishing related content
Think poetry, books, ebooks, reviews, etc.

Asking price:$600.00


Net Your Business . com

[image]Well suited for web hosting and business advise, stocks, etc.
Can be used for business IT support services.

Asking price:$600.00


High Net Income . com

[image]Ideally suited for selling ideas to make money on the internet.
It is a play on words that fit business and the internet
High Net Income is the way to go!

Asking price:$600.00


Debating Society . com

[image]A great name for a community type website.
With a forum and/or a blog, this can be a great traffic magnet.

Asking price:$1,200.00 - 14th in Google search!


Dallas Metro . com

[image]DallasMetro.com is an ideal name for the greater Dallas area information service.
This domain can be used as a guide for restaurants, places of interest, and general information.

Asking price:$1,200.00 SOLD


Peoples Voice . com

[image]The name says it all: PEOPLESVOICE.COM is a premium domain name with enormous traffic potential. Editorial pages in newspapers have a section with this name for letters from the general public. As American as apple pie.

Asking price:$1450.00 - - - Number 3 in Google search! SOLD


Angry Consumer . Com

[image]Angry Consumer dot Com was registered in 1997 and is very well placed in search engines: Number 1 in Google!
This is a great site with tremendous potential for advertising, and lots of pages.

Asking Price:$1400.00


Net Polling . com

[image]Simple and to the point!
A real traffic magnet when filled with polls like songs, artists, movies, political issues, whatever you can think of.

Asking Price:$1,200.00

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